Typeface Designer — Open to work

Curriculum vitae

Ariq Syauqi

Nancy, France

[email protected]


Atelier National de Recherche Typographique

Post-master research in typography


I am currently based in Nancy, France, joining Atelier national de recherche typographique as a post-master researcher. My study focuses on scripts not yet encoded in the Unicode.

University of Reading

MA Typeface Design


Led by Gerry Leonidas, the course offered extensive practical and theoretical tutoring in typeface design. Exploring multiscript typography for the final project, I graduated with distinction.

Universitas Indonesia

BA Humanities


With a focus on linguistics, I developed my understanding of the intersection between languages, scripts, and cultures.


Marsnev & Co.

Managing director


As the managing director of Marsnev & Co., I work closely with experts in type design, font technology, and multiscript typography. Registered in Delaware, the foundry operates globally and collaborates with people from all over the world.

Fred Smeijers

Freelance type designer


Freelance work for Fred Smeijers, expanding existing font families and assisting on upcoming projects. 

CCCD Project

Media & communication consultant


Under UNDP Indonesia supervision, I learned to work collaboratively as part of the team responsible for visual identity and overall design of the project.


Typeface design

Expert in theory & practice of type design

Experienced in Latin and complex non-Latin script designs


In-depth knowledge of conventions in different scripts including Latin, Arabic, Devanagari, and South-East Asian scripts

Good awareness of intersection between languages, scripts and cultures

Font engineering

Deep understanding of font as a software

Experienced in manually handling font engineering for complex non-Latin scripts

Font works

Lemon Milk

A strikingly sharp, geometric typeface perfect for making a bold statement. Debuting as a free font, its reach is global, touching everything from local shops to international brands and high profiles. Learn & buy the typeface here.

Nyata Next

The typeface used to typeset this CV page. Meaning “clearly visible” in Indonesian, Nyata Next is a contemporary sans serif typeface that explores typographical clarity.


A friendly multiscript typeface with horizontal contrast. Supporting 3 scripts—Latin, Arabic, and Balinese—in 9 weights, the family embraces diversity of scripts and writing systems while at the same time unites them as a family.



Stanford University


Title: Challenges and opportunities of adapting minority scripts into digital platforms

Asia-Pacific Research in Social Sciences and Humanities

Universitas Indonesia


Title: Is Times New Roman suitable for academic texts?

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